Growing up , I always seen myself by my circumstances and my failures. I didn’t value myself, I didn’t know my worth, in fact I allowed people to tell me my worth. Being sexually abused changed my personality for the worst , and witnessing my mother go through domestic violence had a big part in my childhood as well . My mother was a teen mom who also suffered many childhood traumas. Mommy was a hard worker , she broke her back everyday to take care of my brothers and I . Honestly, I still don’t know how she did it, I couldn’t imagine having three children by the age of 16 years old. She did her best with us, she was my superwoman, so I battled with seeing her fight her addiction to drugs. All of these events coupled up , left me with a lot of wounds . I tend to put myself down and felt worthless. I tried to take my own life because I didn’t see the point of life. I would often say to myself, ‘who would want someone like you? What could I add to someone? I began to believe all the lies of the enemy, but when I began my relationship with the Lord, he started to show me my true worth and value. He began to erase all the dirt of my past. He gave me Beauty for my ashes. He began to mend all the broken pieces in my life. His love taught me to love myself, I started to see the Beauty in the midst of my storms. I started to feel Special, wanted, & understood. It was like God gave me a spiritual makeover. He gave me a second chance at life. I no longer was that angry, insecure little girl I once knew. I am now confident, I am now beautiful, strong, and fearless! That little caterpillar finally became a beautiful butterfly.

My Mission

My mission is to to Uplift , Encourage , Motivate and Remind You , WHO the FUCK , YOU ARE !!!!
My purpose is to connect, learn and grow with women who have experienced challenges in their lives and now ready to rebuild a healthy self image that will create an abundant life and positively impact others.
My podcast, “Loving U Moore” provides tools and strategies that help women embrace and practice self-love and redefine the challenges and trauma that have become a part of their life journey so they can thrive.