Good Morning Holy Spirit


Have you been called to live a Christian life?
Do you live that life in obedience to God?
Or have you found that you are sometime failing to live by His commands?

Christianity is a religion that demands obedience to God and for us to live our lives in the way He intended them to be. Many Christians are able to follow God’s laws each and every day and devote themselves to their faith. But for some, life is lived in a more haphazard manner, which in turn becomes a slur on the name of Christ. So what can you do to improve your connection with God?
This book, Good Morning Holy Spirit, is a 30-day Christian devotional that will help you to reconnect with God and live in the way He intended, by:

  • Living a consecrated life
  • Exemplifying your obedience through thoughts and actions
  • Allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through you
  • Educating you through biblical references
  • Fulfilling your special purpose
  • Finding strength and enlightenment
  • And more…

If you have ever thought that your relationship with God wasn’t quite what it should be and you have strayed from the path of His plans for you at any time, then Good Morning Holy Spirit will set you back on the right course in just 30 days from now.
Get a copy and start your journey today!



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